May Dayed

May 1, 2008


Guess what we found on our front step when we opened the door this morning.  No, not Complete Bike Maintenance.  Thistledown, our other-side-of-the-duplex-neighbor, had lain three tulips across a ziplock bag containing washed organic basil and a scrap of notebook paper wishing us a happy May Day.

I have done my share of May Daying, but this is the first time anyone has May Dayed me!

When I got back from walking der Mann to work I took this picture.  The runner is from IKEA, but the napkins are mine, left out from dinner.  They were my first real project.  The books are my husband’s.  His boss was telling him about Future Shock, so he took it from the library.

Thistledown and I compete awkwardly at favor-returning; but you know, I’m not even going to try this time.  Because I’m already acquainted with those tulips.  Until yesterday they were in her front bed.  She gave me three of the only five blossoms in her garden.


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