My Husband’s Hair

May 18, 2008


This morning I cut my husband’s hair.  It always goes just a little too long before the planets align, and I have the energy and he has the sit-still-able-ness to make it happen.  Today I got up early and was weaving and well awake, then he got up and was groggy, and I cornered him (in a nice way.)

When we first met he had golden ringlets.  Over the years the curl has relaxed and his hair has grown darker and finer, but it still has just enough oomph to be nearly impossible to cut.  Basically, there are all these tufts that insist on flying out into space in goofy opposing swoops.  It’s a struggle to try to cut it long enough to allow the curls to make a full circuit back toward his head (they never do, really), but not so long it sticks out in a sort of 50’s women’s short wavy haircut shelf over his ears, which is quite unbecoming on most people.

Sometimes I get frustrated with the effort.  I asked him to try going to a trendy stylist once and a barber more recently.  Both times, he came back with a much worse haircut than the ones I give him.  The fact of the matter is that after cutting his hair since college, when it was more like shearing a sheep, no one knows my husband’s hair as well as I do.Today it took less time than ever, and I was pleased with the results.  I’ve finally discovered the right method: a particular arrangement of clips to hold the top layer out of my way, and working front to back.  As I was finishing up I said, “There.  Now you look like that guy on Galactica who married the Cylon.  His head is square and narrow too.”

“Square and narrow?” 

“Yes.” I said definitely.

Later I realized that “square and narrow” doesn’t sound that great as a description for the part of your body that holds your brain.


3 Responses to “My Husband’s Hair”

  1. shuttlepilot Says:

    Frak. Square and narrow are words that I doubt have much place in your life, let alone in your beloved’s head.

    Now go weave, Starbuck.

    Your pal,

  2. Louisa Says:

    I cut my husband’s hair too! In the nearly 40 years since we met he’s only been to a hairdresser twice and, as in your experience, they didn’t do as good a job as I do. Wish I could cut my own though! It’s in desperate need. (Over an inch long. AAHKK!) And unfortunately the hair cutting thing is not reciprocal – there’s no way he’s getting near me with scissors. Must see if my real hairdresser is available tomorrow.

  3. Leigh Says:

    Hopefully he took it as a compliment! I used to cut my husband’s hair too, but these days he’d rather do it myself.

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