Allow Me a Whine

May 30, 2008

Warping reel put away. 314 threads of lovely 28/2 merino. I shouldn’t be complaining.

But, Waaaaaa!

Make that 313 threads. As I was about to put away the chained warp away I found a broken thread, right in the middle of the 7 yard warp. After 3+ hours on my feet by the reel, I might not have been thinking very well. Instead of starting (our late) dinner, I decided to sit down and extricate the single thread from the chain, it so offended me. A broken warp thread while I’m weaving, I can deal with. For some reason, a broken thread between the reel and the chained warp just makes me sad. I think I may have dragged it across my scissors, which I left on the table under the reel as I was chaining off the warp.

Now I’m having a Madeira, and der Mann is out buying fresh tortillas for us to eat with leftover chicken. Thank you everyone for your advice. I’d like to talk more later about some of the issues your comments brought up.

Here is the yarn I’m using:


One Response to “Allow Me a Whine”

  1. Jane Says:

    Well how freakish is that?! And how frustrating. Am hoping it does not dampen any glimmer of enthusiasm that you may have had going for you in facing the warping experience. I really dislike having to futz with anyhing when I’m winding a warp. Can only imagine how it would feel to have to futz with it after it’s chained — I feel your pain. (I whine when I run across a knot in the thread as I’m winding . . . any disturbance in the force just throws a kink in my winding groove.) Am glad you found it before you started beaming the warp.

    Went to Boulder today for a major fiber fix, and on the way, my friend Patty and I were talking about winding warps — she has a warping board and a reel, and she says that she really prefers her board (she’s process oriented)– our other friend, W., swears by his reel (he’s product/speed oriented). I only have a board, and really like the calm, zen process of winding the warp on it, but I love threading and sleying too –I’m freakish that way. . .

    Your yarn looks scrumptious and the chicken with fresh tortillas *sounds* scrumptious! — am looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with it. Uh, that would be the yarn, not the chicken, although I’m always up for a good recipe.

    Sally forth!

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