First Scarf on Navy Merino Warp

June 18, 2008


We have guests coming Friday, and I have a to-do list for that.  But I don’t want to do to-dos!  I want to weave.

Last night I figured out all my continuing color changes and cut and spliced and wound my yarn into balls.  It is exactly (fingers crossed!) enough for my first scarf on this warp.  Now that my color plans are finished, the weaving gets interesting as I see how it turns out on the loom.

I am so grateful for the comments you have been leaving on my blog.  A weaver whose first weaving lessons were in Nepal has left some fascinating descriptions of decorated Nepali counterbalance looms in the comments section of my last-post-but-one, Speaking of Reeds:

If you love weaving and beautiful looms, have a look!

Namaste, “Nepali looms.”


2 Responses to “First Scarf on Navy Merino Warp”

  1. Stef Says:

    Very pretty scarf! How do you go about designing a color plan & splicing weft yarns? Is it a matter of measuring warp width and ppi and then figuring out where you want the colors to change?

    I’d love to hear more about your technique! It looks like hand-dyed yarn. Very cool!

  2. SpinningLizzy Says:

    This is so lovely! I don’t have any expertise to offer, but I can ooooh and aaaahhhh!

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