Just Say “No!” to Potato Gruel

December 8, 2008


–which is what I had for lunch.  Multiple food allergies sometimes goad me into not-too-enlightened attempts at variety.  For curiosity’s sake:

Potato Gruel


Boiling water (fill kettle with enough for gruel AND a cup of tea, which will be useful for rinsing the mouth)

Pat of butter

Instant mashed potato granules



Warm bowl with hot tap water.  Discard hot tap water.  Add pat of butter.  Add boiling water to top of flower design on inside of bowl.  Add potato granules.  Stir.  Cover with plate and let sit for five minutes.  Salt to taste.   Serve with dry celery and scraps of cheese.  Eat hurriedly.


Jane tagged me for the meme where you show the sixth photo in your sixth photo folder.  I think a lot of people have been tagged already.  (Interested, SpinninglizzyJudyHumbleBumble?)  Der Mann is the recreational picture-taker in our house, so almost all the photos on our computer were taken by him.  But the sixth-sixth just happens to be one I took:


Here we see der Mann in a characteristic pose at a viewpoint on the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge, on our way back from a wedding a year-and-a-half ago.  We had just moved.  It was our first time driving the gorge to get to my home town, and I missed going over the mountains.  I grew up on the Dry Side longing for trees.


2 Responses to “Just Say “No!” to Potato Gruel”

  1. humblebumble Says:

    i’ve followed up on that meme thing trapunto. you might find the results amusing.

    hey, i just saw a tiny little smiley face at the bottom of this page. cool

  2. Leigh Says:

    Love that recipe! *lol*

    And what a great photo.

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