Only Four Treadle Holes on an Eight-Shaft Bergman Loom

January 24, 2009

When I first got my 8-shaft Bergman loom, it puzzled me that there were only four holes (with cord loops) through each treadle.  Shouldn’t there be a treadle hole/loop for every shaft, like the big Scandinavian countermarches?

In fact no, there is no need to have a treadle hole for every shaft on such a compact loom.  When you are ready to tie up your treadles, thread a single tie-up cord through each lamm hole specified by your draft.  Let the cords hang in their proper places–upper lamm cords in front of corresponding lower lamms.   For a full 8-shaft tie-up you will have 8 cord ends dangling in a row over each treadle.  Take two adjacent cords and tie them to the appropriate treadle loop with a snitch knot, like this:


A snitch knot is easy to adjust as you fine-tune your sheds, and easy to undo when you are finished weaving.  It is actually a time saver over other methods.

If you have Texsolv cords, a snitch knot won’t work.  You will still take two tie-up cords through each treadle loop, but you will loop and secure each tie-up cord separately, with an arrow peg.

I cover a few other things about treadle tie-up on a Bergman Loom at the end of an earlier post:

Good luck, Deborah!


4 Responses to “Only Four Treadle Holes on an Eight-Shaft Bergman Loom”

  1. deborahbee Says:

    Thankyou so much, wonderfully clear. I have nearly finished winding my warp and I hope to go loomwards tomorrow. i will keep you informed !!!

  2. Sue Says:

    Interesting….countermarche looms are really amazing things!!

  3. Between Deborah’s questions and your answers, the Bergman mysteries are all being made clear to me, so I don’t know why I’m so reluctant to start weaving with my mine.

  4. Cally Says:

    What a lovely drawing of a knot. I will probably never own a Bergman loom, but I do like reading your notes. That’s a special kind of weaver geekiness I think!

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