Caulk: It’s What’s for Dinner

February 22, 2009

Where’s Trapunto?



Forming an ever lower opinion of the former owners of the house we are moving into at the end of the month.  After three weeks off non-stop prepping, painting, cleaning, and dog-pee carpet removal (Der Mann handled that, thank God) it is just about at the nadir.  Every stage uncovers a new horror.  The guy loved caulk.  Yes, the around-the-bathtub kind.  It’s good for everything, don’tcha know.  Yes siree, that woodwork ain’t going nowhere nohow.  And when it goes, the wall goes with it, dammit!



6 Responses to “Caulk: It’s What’s for Dinner”

  1. Oh, you poor thing!!!

    Either 1) the old landlord was so horrible, this place was a welcome alternative, and/or 2) you’re getting this place for free since you’re doing all the work that the landlord should have done.

    No wonder you’ve been MIA for so long — you’ve been missed!

  2. Jane Says:

    EEK! ACK!! As Doctor Smith used to say, “Oh the pain!”

    Certainly, it will be lovely once it’s done — but what a lot of sweat equity you both will have into this place.

    Will be looking forward to the “after” photos. (Not as much as you will be, though, I’m sure!)

    Cheers, and tote that barge,

  3. deborahbee Says:

    I knew that something was going on when you remained silent for so long. I feel for you both…we have lived in several ‘horrors’ in our time.Somehow I think you are going to make this lovely, and will soon be showing us the after pictures. I really really hope there will be a happy ending to all your hard work.In the meantime great to have you back.

  4. Lynnette Says:

    I feel your pain! We have redone five houses in our married life, and I can understand how busy you have been. Hopefully you are on the downward slope and will be able to take some time and relax….just in time for spring.

  5. Mike Says:

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  6. Cally Says:

    Here I am, a month late as usual. What have you done to upset bloglines like this??

    But my belated empathy is heartfelt. We have been through the whole dog-pee-soaked-carpet trauma and the oh-no-what-have-they-done-here trauma (never did identify the stuff that was stuck to the hall floorboards) but after ten years the pain is much less acute I promise.

    Wishing you strong elbows for as long as you need them.

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