Food Holiday

November 27, 2009

So, what day is it? Friday. Right. After Thanksgiving. Yesterday evening, after some novel-reading and an aggressively long and fast walk in the cold rain to try and startle my lower back into hurting less (nothing out of the ordinary, but harder to bear that day), Der Mann went out with a grocery list of food we needed and the intention of purchasing our Thanksgiving frozen pizzas. Our town is quite a distance from the nearest real grocery store, and when he got there he found it shut for the holiday. I think that’s a good thing–fair to the employees–but somehow we end up trying buy something there every Christmas and Thanksgiving; we never remember their holiday closure policy from one to the next. They’re union. It’s a regional franchise.

Der Mann went on down the highway to Safeway. I have many food allergies, so there is only one kind of pizza I can eat: the Super Yucky brand. And Safeway stocked only the yuckiest permutation of the Super Yucky brand. Because he’d had to go so far, there wasn’t time to shop for normal groceries, just the pizzas.

While Der Mann was baking his own pizza, I denuded mine of frozen soy cheese and frozen pureed spinach by chiseling at it with a sharp slotted spoon (while swearing and raving), smeared the soggy, pasty crust with olive oil, baked it by itself to give it some backbone, then put on my own tomato sauce, covered it with real mozzerella, and baked it again. The irony was that I had proposed frozen pizza because I was too tired to make one from scratch. Frozen pizzas aren’t a habit with us. In fact, I think the last time we had them was on moving day, back in March, when I said: “Well, aren’t these Super Yucky pizzas a waste of money. I won’t bother with them again.”

It was okay, although I oversalted the sauce.

While we ate, we watched an episode of the 1978 All Creatures Great and Small series on the computer, which had confused and alarmed me the few times I encountered it as a small child.  You can watch it as a “view instantly” selection through netflix.  The overacting and the whole repetitive up-the-cow-butt thing tickles me somehow.

Der Mann and I spend our Thanksgivings thankful that we don’t have to spend them with our relatives. Or is a spouse a relative? Now I think I will put the weaving news in a separate post, so I can delete this one later if I regret it.


14 Responses to “Food Holiday”

  1. I had to delete comments about relatives today….I could barely contain myself. (And am having trouble doing it in my comments to you now too!)

    Glad you claimed the holiday for yourselves!!


    • trapunto Says:

      Aw, too bad. I’d have liked to have read that one! The only reason I don’t complain more about my relatives is that I live in fear that one of them will get clever with search terms and figure out I keep a blog.

  2. Alice Says:

    My Mr. and I have only regretted Thanksgivings spent with relatives. And usually we eat Chinese.

  3. Or you could move to a faraway country!

    • trapunto Says:

      We have thought of that now and again. I guess we should have thought of it sooner. Like back in college, when we could have been preparing for careers as world class brain surgeons, instead of getting philosophy and fine art degrees. Immigration would take one look at us and laugh.

  4. Leigh Says:

    We love the “All Creatures” series. We get a hoot out of Sigfried and James too. Somehow these shows are so much more down home than anything else on TV. I didn’t know they could be watched online. We usually check them out from the library.

    • trapunto Says:

      Yeah, watching it I was pleasantly surprised how long they would let the camera linger over a shot of beautiful scenery or stitching up an incision. TV moves way faster now. It seems like there could be a “Slow TV” movement like the “Slow Food” movement.

  5. holly Says:

    The other night Letternman said that after 30 minutes with his relatives he ready to demand DNA testing — I’m with him!

    PS We when lived in England we got to met the real “James” — what a really nice man!

    • trapunto Says:

      That’s amazing. Was there a connection, or did you just run into him? I wonder sometimes what he must have thought of the show. You can tell from his books he has a great raconteur’s talent for telling funny stories on himself, but is actually smart as a whip. The actor-James is a bit of a buffoon!

  6. Suzan Says:

    Whew! After a looonnnggg Thanksgiving with all the grown children and grandchildren (my stepdaughter’s kids asked “grandma?” a million times a minute – there’s some deprivation going on there, I think) I’m right with you. Next year we’re going on a trip (but I say that every year).

  7. Best to do what we did: leave the country. We’re in Taiwan until Christmas. Then, we will excuse ourselves from that, being too jet-lagged!

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