Keeping Up Appearances

December 21, 2009

I just had to tell the world I darned four wool socks this morning.  You can’t see the darns in the picture very well, but they are extensive. I should have done them in contrasting yarn to show off. Next to setting sleeves, darning is my least favorite kind of sewing. I learned how by watching my Granny do it. She uses an old white glass doorknob. I used a small rounded drinking glass.

The socks had been waiting in my sewing basket for 3 years. I wouldn’t have bothered but they are Rohners, and would have had a lot of wear left if I didn’t have these stupid high-domed toenails that saw through socks like dull penknives no matter how short I cut them.

More information than you needed, right?

Then I cleaned my sewing basket. Out with all the fraying snips of fabric and yarn wrappers and crumbled dead leaves and stray buttons I was going to sew on and never did.

Altogether, it was more work than weaving a scarf!

Speaking of keeping your workbasket tidy, here is something fun.

I got a perfect score as a gentleman, but missed several as a lady–and I protest that the answers were phrased to mislead.  Reading Victorian novels is good for something after all.  Anyway, it was easier to be a man in the late 19th century than a woman.  Especially if you happened to be a Monty Pythonesque animated character in a computer game.


3 Responses to “Keeping Up Appearances”

  1. Cally Says:

    Funny things, socks and feet. Stuart always goes through the toes while I go through the heels.

    When I handknit socks I tend to go top to toe, so for Stuart it is easy to unravel and knit a new toe. But for me I need to try one of those heel grafting techniques and I haven’t the knitting stamina… Darning it is, then.

  2. Geodyne Says:

    Apparently, I read *way* too many period novels and watch too much costume drama. I got almost top marks.

    Well done for mending the socks! That has to be a good feeling.

  3. deborahbee Says:

    Heaven help me. She’s darning her socks and spring cleaning her work basket!! While all I’ve managed is to get my computer screen smashed to smithereens by my other half (he didn’t actually mean to fall over it)
    Have a very happy Christmas……..and enjoy wearng the darned socks. Awonder to behold!!!

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