Committing Handtowels: Means, Method, Opportunity

April 5, 2010

I haven’t forgotten about my Pics to Picks challenge, but this isn’t it.

Momentum is a big concept for me.  If I lose it, I’m sunk.  Which is why, instead of deciding on a draft and making a winding plan for the foundation of my Pics to Picks project, I went ahead and wound this warp I’d already planned for towels, and am now in the process of sleying it.  The towels were going to be my first warp on the table loom, until I decided it would be wiser to start with the simple runner in my last post.  I was afraid that if I started my Pics to Picks warp before this one, I might forget my interpretative schema for all those scribbly notes I made.

Coming over the back beam, the stripes look like fabric for a Sultan’s pantaloons.  Actually, they are a re-working of a draft for fine linen handtowels in a 1986 issue of Väv Magasinet.  I don’t have weaving software, and my brain is bleary lately, so these things tend to take me days to figure out.

The towels for are for my aunt.  Recently, she remodeled her dark, barely-functional plywood mineshaft of a kitchen into something astounding–contracting all the workers and making all the plans herself, including the shape and position of a geometrical celestory window that completely transformed the room.

This is the Auntie Aesthete who got my favorite rigid heddle scarf.  Last time I visited her, she showed me the little abstract guache painting she wanted to use as plan for a mural on the high wall by her new kitchen window.  When I saw it, my color memory filed it away.  Later I realized that I had some leftover cottolin in some of the same hues as the painting.  And, just like the opaque layered colors of guache interacted in the fabulous little painting (yellow on top of red-orange and umber, particularly, for a halo effect), I could make the cottolin colors interact in stripes.  Then I could give her the towels as an encouragement to go ahead and paint the mural.

I only had enough thread for two towels, and they aren’t going to be as big as I like (I like BIG kitchen towels), but I think they are going to be interesting.  The weft is a sort of putty brown cotton.  The colors will be toned down quite a bit from what you see here.


5 Responses to “Committing Handtowels: Means, Method, Opportunity”

  1. Love, love, love the neatly lined up warp ends. So exciting – a new project!

  2. Dot Says:

    This is a fun project, what luck you had just the right colours of yarn to hand. They’ll be so bright and cheery in a new kitchen, does your Aunt know or are they a surprise?

  3. Cally Says:

    That sounds like an amazing kitchen, so obviously it needs amazing towels. I hope Auntie will let you post a picture of them in situ.

  4. C Says:

    Love the towel warp.
    I found your site while looking for Swedish Looms and Weaving information. Your Bergman Loom is beautiful! I haven’t read your entire blog so I’m not sure if you’ve solved the problem but have you considered using a clothes/coat rack as a trapeze? You know, the sort that is like a closet bar on wheels. I’ve heard of others using them with success and you wouldn’t need to put holes in walls or ceilings.

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