Tour of the Costume Box: Swords and Garlands

October 22, 2011

Halloween Countdown: 9 days

Are you working on your costume, yet?  No?  Putting it off until next weekend and reading blogs instead?

These are so my nieces can pretend to be flower fairies.  Or knights.  Or flower fairies with swords.  Or knights in beribboned headgear.

The wooden swords kept breaking in the mail or arriving otherwise defective, but the eBay seller just kept sending replacements until I had two good ones.  One sword for two litte girls: not a good idea.

I found the wreathes (of sprays of plaster globules) in what I call the Candle Crap aisle at Goodwill, which makes me think it was originally meant to go around candles.  They were falling apart, so I reshaped them and wound them with florist’s tape to cover the ends of the wires, and attached some trailing ribbons.

A headdress alone does not a flower fairy make.  It will take me few more days to go through the fairy stuff.


9 Responses to “Tour of the Costume Box: Swords and Garlands”

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  2. MY SONS HAD THAT EXACT BREASTPLATE AT ONE POINT! It came with a helmet originally, and a sword and scabbard. And the helmet had a golden visor…

    • trapunto Says:

      Goodwill. My brother had one kind of like it (no dragon), also with the sword and helmet. I remember them being good toys, though honestly he didn’t play with the breastplate as much because it was too much trouble to wriggle into.

  3. On the other hand, one of the advantages of San Antonio is that every summer for the battle of the flower parades, you can for REALLY cheap get very nice paper/silk flower crowns. Yours have nicer ribbons, though.

    • trapunto Says:

      Awesome. It’s interesting to me that when people gather for a pagan frenzy of celebration, there are places they still deck themselves out basically the same way they might have done a couple thousand years ago. Processions and funny things on their heads.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    My son had that breastplate, too. My parents got it for him in Warwick, and then I started seeing them in small-town Ohio stores, RenFests, just about everywhere.

  5. Jenny Says:

    I love those swords! I’d have loved those when I was a little kid, although I know they would have gotten tiresome very fast when trick-or-treating. :p

    • trapunto Says:

      Candy procuration is serious business.

      I think the best part about the swords is they go clack. That’s why I went for the wood. Closest cousin to the stick the grownup is always telling you is going to put someone’s eye out. My poor sister.

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