Tour of the Costume Box: Tulle and Humbler Garments

October 23, 2011

Halloween Countdown: 8 days

This is me, but I think used nylon leotards are kind of nasty.  I have no objection to used tutus, but where does one find such a thing?  I surely wasn’t going to spend months of my life pulling gathers into yards of tulle and stitching them to elastic bands, so I sprung (I use the term liberally), for some new tutus and leotards on eBay.  Leotards are important for the whole mix-and-match concept.  Most of the garments I made were intended to be at least semi-un-out-grow-able, which means they were skirts.

Tutus.  The more the better!  If I had been the recipient of this box I would have been thinking snow fairy for the white one, and a plant fairy of some kind for the green.  Stay tuned for more tutus and fairy gear this week.  The problem with tutus and filmy fabrics in general is what to wear underneath.  Sometimes a leotard won’t do.  A selection of the humbler garments:

I think of aprons as humble.  I sewed this one because I had an eyelet remnant and thought, that would make a tiny apron.  It was one of those easy projects that turn out to be surprisingly time-consuming, what with the interfacing and hand hemming and basically figuring out how to make the thing.  So here’s what’s funny: according to my sister, among all the glitter, my kindergarten-aged niece homed right in on the apron.  To her, an apron is exotic–the perfect accessory for any number of olde-tymey characters.  I’m glad I didn’t waste my time on it!

A bright fringy shawl is, of course, a peasant staple.


5 Responses to “Tour of the Costume Box: Tulle and Humbler Garments”

  1. […] are the ballet girls? you say.  Where are the can-can pants?  The saucy aprons?  The horned […]

  2. zibilee Says:

    You are quite possibly the most awesome auntie ever, and had I gotten a box full of costumes to play in when I was little, I would have been in heaven! I love the little apron as well!

    • trapunto Says:

      Thank you! It’s probably the last half-apron I’ll ever sew, since I only wear full aprons when I cook, and really only when I fry stuff.

  3. Wait a minute… what is the brown item by the apron? From here it looks like a tube skirt?

    • trapunto Says:

      It’s a flesh colored tube top to be worn under skimpy dance ensembles. Quite old. I think it was one of my aunt’s. I didn’t even know they made skirts out of the same stuff.

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