Tour of the Costume Box: Gypsy

October 28, 2011

Halloween Countdown: 3 days

The skirt was a women’s eight-gore skirt with a hidden side zip at Goodwill–so full and cheap I couldn’t resist, even though I could see it might be some trouble to cut it down.  First I cut off the fitted waistband.  That was easy.  The hard part was picking out the many criss-crossing layers of serged seams securing the zipper For The Ages.  I sewed up the side where the zipper had been and added a top casing from wide black bias tape to hold a new elastic waistband.  The skirt is ankle-length on my older niece, just the way the gypsies wore them.

The child’s peasant top and the wool/polyamide and velvet embroidered vest were both eBay finds.  I think the vest is darling.  I had a thing for vests when I was little.  I badly wanted the kinds worn by cowgirls and organ grinders’ monkeys.  Here, even the back is nice; have a look:

Were you fixated on any particular category of clothing in grade school?  I never did get the vest of my childhood dreams, though I did get a very nice weskit when I was 13 or so.


5 Responses to “Tour of the Costume Box: Gypsy”

  1. […] forget to buy candy.  And if you still haven’t got costume, a gypsy is always good choice. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Posted by trapunto Filed in […]

  2. zibilee Says:

    I also love the vest, but the skirt is wonderful too! I liked long dresses in my youth, but they weren’t really in at that time. I didn’t really care though! Very beautiful costume!

  3. A nice blousey peasant blouse and some jangly earrings, now, and the world is perfect. And maybe an eyepatch…

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