Tour of the Costume Box: Hats

October 29, 2011

Halloween Countdown: 2 days

Perhaps it’s time to explain that I meant to make more boys-type outfits, but the medieval hat on the right is as far as I got.  I left my planned Robin Hood tunic and velvet tabard and trailing black and silver villain-cape for last, but by the time I finished the garment you will see tomorrow, I REALLY wanted to be done and get everything to my nieces.  I told myself I can sew the other boys’ things and send them later; maybe I will.  My sisters loved to play Robin Hood when they were little, darn it.  I even had all the fabrics.

The blue velvet hat is made of trimmings from a curtain from the ever-popular As Is bin at IKEA.  I used the same pattern that produced the Viking Girl Outfit: Simplicity 8004.  Heavy duty interfacing for stiffness, blind-hemmed partial lining for the brim.  I found the hawk feather on a walk a couple of days before I shipped The Box.  It’s the first I’ve found.  I love hawks.

The conical princess hat is from the same set of cross-dyed taffeta curtains as the queeny wizard robe.  1” fake fur trim from the fabric store.  Floaty ribbon streamers.

Aaand the mob caps.  Let me just tell you, a lined mob cap is a fussier lot of sewing than it looks!  I had all the round things out of my kitchen cupoards, trying to find the right combination of circles to trace for cutting lines and casing seams: trays, mixing bowls, pizza pans, pot lids. . .  Like the eyelet apron, my sister tells me the exotic-ness of the mob caps made them immediately interesting to my nieces.

The wire tinsel tiara was from my own costume box, and the black thing behind it is a boughten witch’s hat.  Which just about covers it, don’t you think?


11 Responses to “Tour of the Costume Box: Hats”

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  2. […] how about some hats? GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  3. Cally Says:

    Ah, Robin Hood, my hero! Throughout my childhood it was my ambition to become Robin Hood, and I was thrilled to get the chance to learn archery when I started secondary school. Alas, nobody had thought to mention the futility of my ambition for a person with limited binocular vision… although my squint was corrected when I was a baby, I have never been able to reliably focus on a target and my archery lessons were a disaster. I was lucky, though, in being older than both my brothers, so that whenever we played at outlaw-related games I got to be Robin and they had to play the parts I gave them. We never had a Maid Marian unless some unlucky female cousin hove into view.

    • trapunto Says:

      Awesome! Yes, being oldest has its advantages.

      Ever come across the Michael Praed TV show version? My sisters and I loved that, it was the kind of British TV they showed on PBS in the late 80’s in the states.

      I had a bow of my very own and was a terrible shot, no matter how much I practiced–and no vision issues to excuse it!

  4. I had a soft spot for Friar Tuck, and for Will Scarlet, who didn’t make it into the Disney Version, which I felt like was rather cruel as a child. My son dressed up as Will last year, though honestly it was mostly because I had some old scarlet flannel, and no lincoln green when he asked me for a costume. The secret of a good mob cap is the ribbons, and you hit those ones out of the park…

    • Cally Says:

      My middle brother always wanted to be Will Scarlet. I find it rather touching to reflect on how pleased he was to be allowed to play my sidekick!

    • trapunto Says:

      I found out something interesting lately on dyer’s blog. You can reproduce ACTUAL lincoln green and wear EXACTLY what Robin Hood wore. No guessing. Cally probably already knew this, but lincoln green is from two different plant dyes. Mix woad blue and weld yellow: Lincoln green.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Oh excellent hats! I love hats. They’re one of those costume things that are way more fun (if you live in Louisiana, anyway) for playing dress-up than for Halloween. Whenever I wore a hat on Halloween, I would get hot halfway through and whine until my parents carried it for me, or someone threw it away.

  6. zibilee Says:

    I just love the mob caps! I have always wanted to try one on and see how it looks on me! Your nieces are so lucky!

    • trapunto Says:

      I must admit I tried one of these on although it was too small for me. The look was definitely scullery maid, in my case!

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