Tour of the Costume Box: Rose Velvet Cape

October 30, 2011

Halloween Countdown: 1 day

This is the fabric that started it all.  Everything: me thinking about my nieces and costumes, the whole project.  A Goodwill remnant of flaming rose velour!

I lied.  This is my favorite garment, not the chiton.

The chiton required more ingenuity, but this took more time.  Probably something to do with my need to hem things by hand.

What can I say?  I was brought up that way!  I don’t always give in to the hand-hemming compulsion, but I always feel I ought to give in.  In this case the fabric was much too pretty to crush and stretch with seam lines, and much too fuzzy to use with the blind-hemming foot on my machine.  Did you know here is a lot of hand-hemming in a nearly circular cape?

There is.


9 Responses to “Tour of the Costume Box: Rose Velvet Cape”

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  2. zibilee Says:

    Oh, I would have to agree, this one is my favorite too! I love this design and this color!

  3. Jodie Says:

    So pretty. I want capes to be back for regular people in regular life.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    I wore a red velvet cape to a Halloween party. It wasn’t as gorgeous as this one, but what is?

    • trapunto Says:

      Excellent! Did you have a character, or were you just The Cape Lady?

      If there had been enough fabric, I’d probably have made a cape for me instead of my nieces!

  5. Care Says:

    The cape is FAB FAB FAB! the color the texture the everything. VERY nice

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