Circle, Worked

November 25, 2011

I finished working the circle the day after I started it; what held me up was finishing finishing it.

But now it is washed and blocked.

Can you tell there are 5 different blues here?  A couple are very close in this light.

As I made it I began thinking of Medieval cosmology, celestial spheres.  Last night Der Mann and I watched a program about quantum mechanics.  Now it makes me think of quanta too.

Here is the back before finishing.  There were so many ends to weave in I couldn’t figure out where to put them all, so I cheated and made a few knots.

Oh, yeah.  I forgot to say–it’s a trivet!


3 Responses to “Circle, Worked”

  1. Cally Says:

    I love it! It made me think of a magic island in a distant ocean, but I’ll happily buy into medieval cosmology and quantum mechanics.

  2. IT does have cosmological feel. There is something enchanting about putting a warm pot on the circles of heaven…

  3. …and it lives at my house! And I love it and use it all the time! (thank you again — I just found this blog!)

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