Numbers Just Confuse Me

February 23, 2013

Last month I quickly made myself comfortable with the Varpapuu table loom and worked out the easiest way to follow drafts. When I showed him my color-coded levers and notation system and explained, “numbers just confuse me,” Der Mann laughed out loud. He has seen me planning weaving projects, the pages and pages of scrap paper scribbled with numbers and diagrams that drift around the house; he’s heard me mumbling numbers as I wind my warps.

What can I say? There are numbers, and then there are numbers. Some you need, others just mess you up.



6 Responses to “Numbers Just Confuse Me”

  1. Oooh, the loom is so pretty! I love the colours! What a happy place to sit.

  2. Louisa Says:

    Definitely pretty! But the colours would mess me up just as much as the numbers. I need a black and white grid instead.

    Are you going to show us what you’re weaving?

    • trapunto Says:

      That’s interesting. I think a plain grid would *almost* work for me if I could make it big enough, or space the lines out enough, that my eyes wouldn’t get lost. Do you not have that problem?

      And yes indeed I am!

  3. Dana VanSlyke Says:

    I know exactly what you are saying about the numbers. Colors are much easier for anything visual. The pink tied heddles are exactly the right size for my Bergman. If no one else has claimed them, I would like them.

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