Locker Hooking with Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Yarn

May 24, 2013

Wow, here’s is an old one.  I finished it nearly a year ago.  Even the photos are old.  I snapped them before I stuffed it into a Christmas box along with the packing paper on a whim.

For the sake of completeness in documenting my locker hooking experiments, yes, it’s another trivet:


Measurements are 6.25″ by 6.25″.  An inch bigger would have been better.  It’s worked with two strands of vintage Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn on 5 mesh locker-hook canvas.  I think I used a slightly fatter cotton for the locking yarn.  Maybe the same blue I used as for the center square and to bind the edges?

Two strands of Sugar ‘n Cream gave good coverage, a single strand was not enough.  I cut the strands off the ball strategically so I could keep the ombre color-changes matched up side-by-side.  It was a bit of a pain catching both strands in the hook at once, but not too bad. They do want to twist around each other.  Next time I would just let them.  A person could make a very nice looped-pile bath rug or chair mats if their wrists were sturdy and they took it slow.  Cheap yarn in lots of colors = plenty of patterning options.

Something I noticed: this older Sugar ‘n Cream, from my Great Granny’s knitting stash circa 1980’s, is nicer than the Sugar ‘n Cream yarn you can buy now.  It’s rounder, more evenly spun, less pill-y, and I’m pretty sure just a higher grade of cotton.  If I were to do a bigger locker-hook project with this yarn, I would be careful not to mix old skeins with new.  The resulting pile would sport noticeable variations in and texture and in height.

The back of the work.

The back of the work.


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